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Dance Dance Reinvention's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Dance Dance Reinvention's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
2:32 pm
I know, I've been bad...
And I've been slacking.

Well, no more. I have a goal, and dammit, it's gonna happen!!! :)

Sooooo.... starting next Monday, expect content! Good stuffs! EFFORT!!!


Current Mood: determined
Friday, March 11th, 2005
10:12 am
Feel the burn!!! OWW!! PUT IT OUT!!!!
Well, DDR'ed yesterday, the day before, and this morning before work, and wow, the energy level is up and up.

I accompany it all with crunches and wall push-ups (since me and gravity still hate each other, and wow are my arms feeling it. So are the abs.

I feel like I should ice the legs though. Ugh.

I switched to Max2 for a bit, just 'cause I know the songs and I like the workout mode there better.

Damn you Extreme. Awesome songs, sucky workout system. Blarg.

Current Mood: awake
Friday, March 4th, 2005
2:38 pm
What a workout last night!!

We started with some stretching with Namiko doing yoga, as well as attempting pushups, crunches, and we even jogged up the stairs. She also made me do jumping jacks, and damn did they feel weird. I hadn't done them since high school.

One of my areas of improvement that is going to be hard are my arms. I have little arm strength. So pushups are hard. I heard that if you do them against a wall for a bit first, it makes them easier later on. Well, I tried, and wow there was an effort there, but I can see how it works.

I was very bad last night, I didn't eat dinner. That's not good. I just wasn't hungry.

This morning, woke up and was sore from shoulders to ankles, but I know it was hurting in a good way. Sometimes it's okay that the body screams at you to damn you for making it work.

And tonight... we do more!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, we did DDR, too!!! I mostly stayed on light because my out of shapeness wouldn't let me do too much standard stuff. I love Heather's You're Not Here. It's a fun one. :)

Current Mood: energetic
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
9:47 am
Okay, I haven't updated the way I'd hoped and I'm sorry!

namiko and I are still getting used to Extreme, and unlocking all the stuff like songs and dancers. We figure we need what, 280 songs was it? to unlock the dancers alone. Oi.

We even started mission mode, which is fun, because they throw all sorts of odd stuff at you, like steps disappearing, inverted arrows, slowing songs down, etc. One of them had the condition that you had to get N.G. on ALL the freeze arrows. After many failed attempts, I got ticked, got on my knees, and DDR'ed it with my arms. Wow, that made them sore, but it felt sooooo good. I do need to hit the weight room for my arms, though.

I need to get myself measured, luckily Nami's got a tape measure. :)

I also need to get a scale, but I'm not so much concerned with weight as size.

Things are settling down in the new place now, so I'll be able to update regularly, and if not, Nami can kick my ass about it. :)

I found out I love Planet Rock, and that one song by Heather that I can't think of the name of. A Stupid Barber has a stupid name, but it's just all out fun.

More later!! Work beckons!


Current Mood: working
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